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coolguy said:   Re:Rebuilding year?   2023-7-14 12:17:49
will be great
aztecjim said:   Rebuilding year?   2011-11-27 9:17:16
There is no such thing as rebuilding on Montezuma Mesa...

The Aztecs are young and getting better each game...with more talent in the wings for next year...

Can't even imagine what they'd look like with Kawahi still here...
zcase said:   Congrats!   2011-3-5 20:48:58
Congratulations on your co-championship. The worst thing I could ever imagine happening is for BYU to leave to the bush leagues thinking they dominated the MWC in their last year. We all know that's not the case. I'm sure you guys are pretty happy that New Mexico is in your conference, too. LOL. Here's to a UNM-SDSU-UNLV rivalry for years to come!
gousa said:   no respect   2009-03-15 15:00:23
totally no respect, with a RPI of 34, great conf RPIs, yet, you know what? what the heck is the committe thinking? only 4 at-large so-called none power conf bids!
justtest said:   must win the remaining 3   2009-2-26 19:26:32
to get an at-large bid, must win all 3 and have a good showing in the tournament.
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